Guarantor loans specialists.

TrustTwo lend to people who would normally have difficulty applying for a loan in their own name due to factors relating to their credit score.

TrustTwo stand out from their competitors, offering responsible borrowing based on personal trust evidenced through ‘Joined Up Borrowing’.

Maximising conversions.

Having successfully worked with partner brand Everyday Loans, Tilt Digital were brought on board to create a new design and user interface for the TrustTwo website and loan application process. Customer focused, the website had to be uncomplicated, whilst also being rich and inviting for the user to encourage interaction.

The primary objective of the website restructure and redesign was to ensure that the application process was as simple and easy to use as possible, with the aim of increasing the number of successful user conversions. In addition to the revamped application process, the new website features easy to digest information, FAQs and integration with feefo’s reviews platform.

Connecting a lifestyle.

The new website depicts the relationships between people, highlighting the nature of the partnerships required for a guarantor loan, achieved through a carefully selected set of photographic representations. The interface that we created for the loan application tool, was enticing and responsive, giving the user quick access to see a representative example of their required loan amount and payment duration.

We also created a selection of iconography to assist with site navigation and highlight the key messages that TrustTwo wanted to communicate.

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