The knowledge management platform.

Iken is the knowledge management platform that brings everyone and everything together, enabling teams to work more effectively. Iken provides market-leading Case and Matter Management to in-house teams in the UK and abroad, supporting efficiency and productivity.

The tree of knowledge.

A new brand is born.

Tilt Digital created a new brand for Iken, using a tree as the key graphic device, alongside a gradient colour palette and contemporary typography, a new brand identity was created. This new identity aims to capture Iken’s core values of knowledge, courage, tenacity and warmth.

Planning and creative.

Our wireframe process ensured that specific user journeys were tested and scrutinised, allowing information to be presented in a logical and streamlined manner, this then gave Iken the opportunity to feedback and give input on how their new website was going to be structured.

Responsive and content managed.

The website was designed with graphical illustrations at the heart, bringing the brand to life and helping Iken to connect with their audience. The website’s functionality includes a blog, events area, careers listing and the opportunity for Iken to showcase their products and clients. The result was a fully responsive and content managed site that remains fresh and relevant.

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