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AAAtraq oversees and simplifies accessibility compliance, delivering a managed process to your staff and suppliers. Their certification of your website proves to litigators that you are making progress towards a fully compliant website, while continually assessing your level of risk.

Our animation process.

From script to render.

Tilt Digital began working closely from AAAtraq’s initial brief, gaining a thorough understanding of the source material.

We then started by writing a script and piecing together a storyboard based around AAAtraq’s requirements. The distinct visual style developed alongside the storyboard as the project transitioned onto the animatic phase (a rough edit using stills to gather a sense of the pace and audio), whilst also identifying any scenes that may have needed expanding on or even removing completely.

We then began the process of animating each individual scene in detail, followed by organising and overseeing a voiceover for the final edit, recorded by a professional voiceover artist.

Staying on brand.

Working with an established brand, it was important to follow AAAtraq’s existing styling and brand guidelines. Although in this case, some creative freedom was allowed as animation had not previously been covered in any company guidelines. Tilt Digital worked closely with the client to ensure everything stayed on brand and followed their company ethos.

Getting the message across.

Whilst remaining clear and concise and ensuring important messages were highlighted, the animation also needed to keep the viewer engaged throughout. In order to achieve this, we implemented a clean visual style that incorporated a balanced combination of movement and content without blurring the lines between design and function.

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