Information Architecture

Our website development process begins with an interactive wireframe, helping us to fully understand your key objectives and plan your users’ journeys, whilst also allowing us to identify any potential complications prior to commencing the design stage.

We develop and refine the user flow to ensure that your website interface is simple, organised and intuitive, along with emphasising your calls-to-action and encouraging users to reach your goals, so you can be sure your users are accessing your most important content first.

Why wireframe?

Wireframes are a pivotal part in our website design and development process. They allow us to define the structure and content of your site and give us the opportunity to work closely with you to fully understand your primary objectives before the design stage even begins.

It means we can minimise time spent on reworking and revising creative designs further down the process, as your core website fundamentals are already clearly laid out and agreed upon.

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